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Helping  people to make
the transition with
developmental support and services delivered in Haldimand and Norfolk 

Partners for Planning have some very helpful events. Visit their website and see what they are offering. You can also REGISTER here.


We have added 5 video interviews of parents and their adult children (under "Resources").

Also, check our "In the News" page for articles
of interest to those with developmental disabilities and for their caregivers.


Public broadcaster, PBS, provides an 
article and video "The Challenges of Caring
for an Adult Child With Disabilities"

December 3 is International Day for Persons with Disabilities (click here for video)

When a supported person turns 18 in Ontario . . .


Experience has shown that when a person turns 18, there are significant changes in the kinds of services and supports that are available and in the eligibility requirements and wait times to obtain them.


Our focus is on the supported person yet we understand the important roles of others (family, caregivers, educators and agency personnel) that has been effective in getting the person to that important birthday when he or she turns 18.


The Reason


This website and our printed Companion Guide (click here for a one-page overview) are being offered for a good reason.

The purpose is to provide those who reside and work in Haldimand and Norfolk counties with a better understanding of what happens in developmental services and supports when a supported person makes that age transition at age 18—when the person goes from being a youth to being classified as an adult. 


To Help


Agency personnel, caregivers and the people who have been cared for with developmental services and supports have found this to be a major change in lifestyle. The changes have caught many off guard. Perhaps the best way to navigate this major change is by getting a clear picture of what lies ahead and then by making early preparations before that important birthday. 

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